Time and Perspective

Unless in times of extreme duress, what a person has to accomplish in any given moment is very simple. Within the moment, a person must only accomplish the task the is right in front of them. When we realize this, the task becomes doable.

There will always be a list of tasks that need to be accomplished. We feel the need to accomplish them because we are trying to fulfill a desire that we have. We want to fulfill the desire because we are comparing our current state with the supposed state that we will be in, once the desire is fulfilled. The comparison of our present state with the supposed state, makes us discontent with our current state. The discontentment creates a feeling of anxiety. The anxiety creates a feeling of immediacy. When we work on a task while we are thinking about futuristic tasks, we will feel a sense of discontentment.

There will always be mistakes that have impacted our lives. These mistakes will be generated by ourselves or imposed upon us by others. We can make peace with the mistakes and walk away from them, or we can continue to evaluate them. If our mind is evaluating multiple mistakes, while we are working on a task in front of us, we will be very discontented. Evaluating and closing the file on past indiscretions allows us to fully pay attention to what is going on in front of us.

Some people believe that they existed when they were born. They believe they will no longer exist after they die. This also changes perspective. It creates a feeling of fleeting time.

Many people believe that they existed before they were born. They believe that they will exist after they die. Believing that you are an immortal being changes your perspective. It removes the feeling of immediacy.