The Body and Mental Health



Our body craves exercise. It needs exercise to regenerate and rejuvenate. The endocrine and nervous system control the experience of much of our emotions. Both systems originate in the brain, but are located throughout the entire body. If we want our emotional system to regulate properly, we have to rejuvenate our body through exercise.


Our body needs sleep. Our body is built to survive. Much of our emotions are experienced as a response to the bodies attempts to survive. Anxiety, depression, fear, social withdrawal, lethargy, paranoia, poor concentration, irritability, and anger are all responses that are a result of the body trying to keep you alive. The more you slowly kill yourself by not getting enough sleep, the more heightened the body’s response to you dying will become.


When a contractor is remodeling a broken home, he buys the new supplies from the store and he installs the items. The body is constantly being damaged. The body can repair itself. It does so all the time. The body requires new supplies through food in order to repair its damage. It is very important to eat healthy if the body is to repair the emotional system. Skipping meals deprives the body of the ability to heal itself.