Family Therapy

I have been a family therapist for over 12 years. I am very concrete in the therapy that I do. I work at getting results very quickly. My goal is to go from horrific to comfortable in the shortest time possible.

I primarily work with the parents and the child together. I assist the parents and children in organizing the structure of the interactions to limit the unwanted behaviors and increase the desired ones. My focus is on changes in interactions and behaviors. My focus is on helping children manage stressors in an acceptable manner.

I also work with the whole family. I work with mothers who are addicted but want their kids to do better than they did. I work with fathers who lose their temper but want their children to not lose theirs. I work with everyone as a family unit in making the family a haven from the world.

I have worked with the most difficult of children. I have worked with children who assault their parents, harm peers in school, commit larceny, steal, lie, cheat, threaten life, refuse to do school work, defecate on self, rape their mother, rape their siblings, and refuse to comply with directions. I have worked with children who are victims of abuse or horrific trauma. I have worked with families who are in constant chaos from the morning they wake up until they pass out at night from exhaustion. I have also worked with families that function fairly well and just need a little assistance because they got off track.

If you want no nonsense therapy that aims toward getting quick results, I am the therapist your looking for.