Parents cannot tell a child to do one thing, and then they do another. Actions do speak louder than words. God is, because he follows after righteousness. Righteousness is, because God establishes it. So it is with parents. Parents cannot expect to make a child stop yelling, by yelling at a child. Fire does not really fight fire. That’s why fire trucks are full of water.

Poor Example:

          Gertrude yelled at her boy for being loud in the house. The boy yelled back at his mother and defended himself by saying that he was not being loud. Gertrude yelled louder and told him not to raise his voice to his mother. Gertrude boomed her voice from across the room and told her son that he was disrespecting her. Gertrude and her son continued to raise their voices, each one struggling to get louder than the other. Gertrude starting cussing at her son and her son cussed back. Gertrude cussed at her son for cussing at her. The son did likewise. Finally, they both stomped off into separate rooms in the house.

Good Example:

          Nicolas ran through the house, yelling as he ran. His father walked over to Nicolas. He told Nicolas in a quiet voice that he could not yell in the house. Nicolas yelled at his father and told him that he was not yelling. Nicolas’ father made his voice even quieter. Nicolas had to stop yelling just to listen. The difference in Nicolas’ voice and his father’s voice was evident. Nicolas felt ashamed for yelling and getting mad, while his father remained calm. Nicolas was sent to his room because he yelled in the house and then yelled at his father. His father continued to remain calm.