Stability and Change

Stability and Change are like two sides of a single coin. Stability occurs because Change brings it about. Change happens because Stability provides the strength and resources to make it happen.

For those who ask, “Will stability every come or will I always have to be changing?” the answer is “yes.”

Change is inevitable and the peace that comes from stability will also occur. There isn’t a way to stop either one of them. We sometimes get it into our head that we don’t want to be “too happy,” because then something bad will come. Something bad is going to come anyway. Instability is a constant. You might as well be happy.

Left to chance alone, all things will occur at the same rate. Sixty percent of the time, things will occur in roughly the same manner they always do. Twenty percent of the time, things will work out really well. Twenty percent of the time, things will go really poorly.

The key is to use the energy and resources that you gain from the stable times to enact the change you will need to make when instability occurs. To do this, a person needs to enjoy the stable times. They need to recuperate, build up, enjoy, and store up relationship energy. They will need to leave excess time in their schedule and money in their bank. Then, when instability comes, you will have the resources and energy needed to make the change to restore stability.