Depression Basics


·         feeling depressed most of the day nearly every day

·         diminished pleasure in previously enjoyable activities

·         difficulty sleeping or falling asleep

·         feeling slow and heavy

·         feeling irritable

·         fatigue and loss of energy nearly every day

·         feelings of worthlessness

·         difficulty concentrating

·         withdrawal from interactions with others


Depression has a myriad of etiology. Depression can come on as the result of one or multiple problems. Once it starts, it is easy for the body to slip into a state of darkness. I have worked with people who could not get out of bed, take a bath, brush their teeth, go to work, or leave their room due to depression. Depression makes everything hard to do. It is like a heavy blanket that has come over the body and the mind.

Stress can be accumulative and result in feelings of depression. Sometimes it comes on as a result of people a caretaker or the family problem solver for multiple years in a row without a break. A person may experience a series of traumatic events. In both cases, the person gets worn down and does not experience a respite.

A person may experience depression out of the blue. From time to time a person's body will simply go into a slump. Some people will pull out of it, others will not.

Depression can happen after the loss of a loved one. A person may stop functioning after a death. A person may feel like there are things left unsaid to the loved one. There may be survivors guilt.

Work dissatisfaction can bring on feelings of depression. People become dissatisfied with work because of overwork, over qualification, boredom, conflict, and many other reasons. Sometimes a new job or department is the answer. Sometimes its simply adding changes to life outside of work. The mind can be strange in that it will taint everything as negative when it is feeling depressed.

Relational problems often bring depression. Many people feel depressed when they feel like they have tried everything to make a relationship better and they have not experienced success. Other problems occur when a spouse asks for a separation or a divorce.

There are many reasons for depression occurring. Every one experiences life differently. Everybody has a different reason why and how depression can effect them. Overcoming depression can be done. It feels like an impossible task, but it can be overcome. Even the deepest darkest abyss can be won.