Physical Health and Anxiety

If you don't have a specific reason for feeling anxious and you are simply feeling anxious in general, there is a cure! :)

This usually means that your life has greatly become out of balance. Your mind and body have the ability to heal itself. It does so every day!

The problem occurs when you haven't given your body the tools it needs to repair itself. I can help you learn what those tools are and how to use them. Some of the tools your body needs are adequate sleep, a proper diet, good nutrition, staying away from junk food, staying away from caffeine, and exercise (greater than 20 min. nonstop). Not giving your body what it needs to function is like expecting to have a finished product in a factory without giving the workers raw materials.

Even if your body has the tools that it needs, you cannot put stress on your body faster than it can heal itself. This means you need to be organized, not put yourself in compromising positions, not tear yourself down with negative thoughts, set appropriate boundaries, and not overwhelm yourself.

Easier said then done, right! That's where the therapy part comes in.:)