If man can walks out into a field expecting to harvest and sees a freshly plowed field, he will become depressed. If a man walks out into a field expecting to plant and sees a freshly plowed field, he will become elated. The field does not change, the expectation of the field does.

When we desire something, we picture it in our mind. We compare our current situation to the picture. The comparison results in us feeling dissatisfied with our current situation.

When we let go of our desires, we find that we can have satisfaction in our current situation. A peace settles in our heart, because the value that we have, is not compared with the value of our desire. Our mind can enjoy the present.

It is helpful to formulate and work toward goals. Goals keep us moving in a specific direction. They keep us focused on the task at hand. A person must decide what desires he is to cultivate and what desires he should let go. A desire in and of itself is not evil. A desire can bring about love or a desire can bring dissatisfaction, depending upon what a person focuses on.

If a goal is made and is being worked toward, focusing on the accomplishments of the day results in feelings of satisfaction. While working on the goal, focusing on what has to be accomplished in the moment makes the task doable. Focusing on what has not yet occurred, dulls the feeling of accomplishment for the day. Focusing on what is yet to come, makes the present task unenjoyable and rushed.