Parenting Class

When: Mondays at 6:00pm

Cost: $40 (due at each class period)

10 Classes Total

Insurance: Yes we accept all private insurance
We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare

Class Curriculum
In a group setting

I. Strengthening the Family
II. Understanding child development
III. Communication with love
IV. Nurturing children
V. Fostering confidence
VI. Overcoming anger
VII. Resolving conflict
VIII. Responsible behavior
IX. Applying consequences
X. The challenge

XI. Managing Anger
A. What is anger and how is it expressed?
B. Anger cycle
C. Basic management
D. Stopping it before it becomes a problem
E. Preventing a relapse
XII. Dealing with stress
XIII. Dealing with “toxic” people (self included)
XIV. Communication and anger
V. Understanding people.